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Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 14 August 2018 - 3W Infra, a fast-growing global IaaS hosting provider with more than 4,600 dedicated servers under management, has, following the Connection Agreement with the AMS-IX Internet Exchange a few months ago, signed a partnership with GTT for IP Transit. Under the signed cooperation agreement, 3W Infra will interconnect its high-volume (160 Gbps) global network with GTT at the company’s flagship data center in Amsterdam. This will significantly expand
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Hello. We have a Security Update For You
Posted by Roy Premchand on 09 July 2018 - 14:02:57
Dear Customer, After we already increased our levels of security by, for instance, becoming PCI DSS compliant, and introducing a GDPR compliant Privacy Statement (including Data Protection Officer), we have now implemented Two-Factor Authentication to the Client Area (our customer web portal). Which adds an extra layer of protection to logins. We strongly encourage you to enable Two-Factor Authentication for added security in the Read more

3W Infra, a fast-growing global provider of ‘pure play’ IaaS hosting solutions with 4,600 dedicated servers under management and a proprietary global network, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Netherlands-based A2B Internet. Under the agreement, A2B Internet will operate as an extension of 3W Infra’s own engineering teams and provide
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Hello. We’ve Updated Our Legal Documentation
Posted by Roy Premchand on 20 June 2018 - 16:28:35
Dear Customer, We recently revised our Services Specification, Service Level Agreement, General Conditions and Acceptable Use Policies, and the changes will go into effect on 20 June 2018. We encourage you to carefully review our updated documentation which can be found on our website . The key updates include: Services Specification: Editorial changes/updates. Service
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Global IaaS Provider 3W Infra Connects to Amsterdam Internet Exchange
Posted by Roy Premchand on 20 June 2018 - 11:42:30
Dear Customer, No fancy press release, but no less the milestone: 3W Infra signed a Connection Agreement with and are connected to Amsterdam Internet Exchange . AMS-IX is one of the world's largest Internet exchanges, interconnecting more than 800 IP networks, with Internet traffic peaking at over 5.5 Terabits per second. With this network upgrade, our customers would even more benefit from optimized network performance and reliability,
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