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3W Infra's data center engineers can be contacted through email and/or ticket. You may either open a ticket in the 3W Infra Client Area or send your email to

If you want to add your exchange mail account to your Outlook you should follow these steps;

  • Open your Outlook.
  • Click file in the top of left corner.
  • As you can see in the picture, you should click Add Account now.

  • After that new popup window will be opened.

  • In this window, you should fill the blanks with your login information.
  • Outlook will autoconfigure and add your mail account to list.

If you have any questions, please contact a colleague or your superior.
Migrate Exchange to Exchange via Outlook

1-) Export data into a .PST file

• Open Outlook and log into your previous Microsoft Exchange mailbox. Select File / Import and Export.
• First you need to click File tab.

• In the next step you should click Open&Export

• Select the Export to a file option. Then select the Next button.

• On the next screen select the .psd file then click next.

• Select the root folder for your mail and click Include subfolders.

• Be sure to leave the option Replace duplicates with items exported selected then select the Finish button to begin your export.

2-) Importing Your .PST File

• Open Outlook, log into your Microsoft Exchange mailbox, and select File / Import and Export.

• Follow same first 3 steps with export.

• After this step select the Import from another program or file option then select the Next button.

• We should select .pst file again.

• Select the Open button and leave the option Replace duplicates with items imported selected, and select the Next button.

• Select the Include subfolders check box. Next select the Import items into the same folder button. In the drop-down box, select the Exchange mailbox (Mailbox - Your Name) into which you would like to import your data. Then select Finish to begin your import.

1- Go to settings / Password & Accounts

2- Add Account

3- Select Exchange

4- Write email address 

5- Select Configure Manually

6- Write email details and password 

7- Fill the details
Email : Your email address
Username: your email address
Password: Your password

8- Click Save

Our Remote Hands service is provided on an hourly support rate basis, but invoiced in 15-minute increments:

  • During business hours: EUR 99,00 / hour
  • Outside business hours: EUR 199,00 / hour

 A sales rep will be more than happy to consult you.

3W Infra includes the following free of charge support services in combination with our Dedicated Server services:

  • HDD/SSD replacement
  • Hard Reboot (power cycle) of the server
  • Soft Reboot (restarting of the server using command: reboot , or with the key combination CTRL+ALT+DEL if no login credentials are provided)
  • OS installation
  • OS re-installation
  • IP configuration
  • Firewall disable
  • Hardware troubleshooting
  • Server replacement
  • Control Panel installation
  • Root password reset
  • SSH/RDP accessibility
  • Basic OS configuration after installation/re-installation
  • Hardware firmware updates
  • Starting up the file system check (command: fsck -y) if customer provides the root password
  • Support until server is accessible via SSH/RDP
  • Operations specified by our Sales Department as 'Free of Charge' (defined in a quote/order form)

3W Infra’s data center operations team is available 24/7.