With 3W Infra dedicated hosting you are really able to fully customize your dedicated server configurations. No matter the industry you operate in. Don’t see a server configuration that meets your unique requirements? Simply contact us and we’ll jointly figure out which customized solution does match your needs. 

A sales rep will be more than happy to consult you.

Sure we can. 3W Infra knows many local hardware vendors personally. Vendors which can provide you with for example servers, server components or network equipment. New or refurbished. 

A sales rep will be more than happy to consult you.

Yes, we sure do. By default support is available 24/7. Our on-site support will try to solve any problem you have, on a best-effort basis as a Basic level is included.

Support is provided and invoiced on an hourly support rate basis, except for the support related services which are defined as ‘free of charge’ support.

An SLA level provides a response time guarantee. While the Basic level satisfies most customer needs, we offer the option to upgrade the level enabling faster response times and priority access to our engineers. An SLA and therefore also the extended SLA level is applicable to one specific Dedicated Server only you purchase with us.

For detailed information refer to our Remote Hands and Service Level Agreement. 

A sales rep will be more than happy to consult you.

The most efficient way to purchase additional bandwidth for your server is to open a sales ticket, requesting additional bandwidth. Please specify the amount of additional bandwidth and the server you are requesting the bandwidth for.

A sales rep will be more than happy to consult you.

Bandwidth overages are billed at EUR 0,01 per GB. That is for metered / data traffic. With 95th Percentile, the overage is mentioned in the quote/order form. Make sure to monitor your bandwidth usage closely as it may be cost-efficient to upgrade.

A sales rep will be more than happy to consult you.

3W Infra can offer upgrades for hardware upgrades such as RAM, HDD, network cards (NIC) and uplink port speeds, depending on the server chassis capacity. If you are considering a different CPU, we can deploy the new server and run it simultaneously with your current server so you can transfer your data. Depending on the server and your requirements it is possible to upgrade the CPU.

A sales rep will be more than happy to consult you.

3W Infra does not offer a money-back guarantee.

Yes, you can! Reselling 3W Infra’s services is permitted. Do note that in this situation where you act as a ‘reseller’, we support you as our direct customer and not the end-user. We do not provide a complex reseller program, but simply prefer to offer you competitive pricing. Whether you start with 1 or 100 servers.

A sales rep will be more than happy to consult you.

3W Infra offers 3 different types of bandwidth billing. The specific amount of dedicated bandwidth can be metered a.k.a. data traffic, unmetered a.k.a. flat fee, or burstable a.k.a. 95th Percentile. This allows you to build a customized configuration that suits your specific requirements. 

A sales rep will be more than happy to consult you.

Located at the Internet junction in Amsterdam South East, 3W Infra is housed at Equinix AM11 International Business Exchange (IBX) data center. A facility with Tier 4 specifications and ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certifications. Also in terms of energy efficiency, we stand out of the crowd, as our data center infrastructure features a stunning low thus highly energy efficient Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).

For detailed information proceed here.

Only if your servers are located in the same rack, we can create a direct interconnect between the devices. An interconnect between the servers in the same rack is free of charge. In certain situations and based on specific requirements a private switch is required, which will result in an additional monthly fee.

A sales rep will be more than happy to consult you.

3W Infra offers a wide variety of servers from different leading brands such as Dell and Supermicro. These are fully customizable to meet unique and situation-specific requirements. Unlike many other server providers, we are actually willing to go the extra mile while thinking outside the box. Don’t see a server configuration that meets your requirements? Simply contact us and we’ll figure out which customized solution does match your needs.

3W Infra includes the following free of charge support services in combination with our Dedicated Server services:

  • HDD/SSD replacement
  • Hard Reboot (power cycle) of the server
  • Soft Reboot (restarting of the server using command: reboot , or with the key combination CTRL+ALT+DEL if no login credentials are provided)
  • OS installation
  • OS re-installation
  • IP configuration
  • Firewall disable
  • Hardware troubleshooting
  • Server replacement
  • Control Panel installation
  • Root password reset
  • SSH/RDP accessibility
  • Basic OS configuration after installation/re-installation
  • Hardware firmware updates
  • Starting up the file system check (command: fsck -y) if customer provides the root password
  • Support until server is accessible via SSH/RDP
  • Operations specified by our Sales Department as 'Free of Charge' (defined in a quote/order form)

Depending on your requirements and availability, our services can be deployed in as little as a few hours. Deliveries are executed 24/7 (Monday-Sunday).

Due to the limited number of available IPv4 addresses, the maximum amount of IP addresses which can be allocated to a hosting service is also limited.

With rack units (colocation) and dedicated servers, the maximum is 16 (/28). With a private rack, this number is set at 128 (/25). It is possible to request more IP’s at an additional monthly fee. More IP’s can be assigned to a service once the request has been approved. Alternatively, you can order IPv6 at no additional charge.

To view our Use of IP’s policy, refer to the Services Specifications.

A sales rep will be more than happy to consult you.

We provide you full control over your server by installing a control panel such as cPanel and DirectAdmin. All our control panels will provide you with the LAMP solution stack. 

Please note that not all control panels are compatible with the different operating systems. Refer to the website of the specific control panel for the up to date system requirements.

Select the OS you want to run on your server. We offer you a variety of operating systems to choose from, including Windows, Linux and BSD.